Rianna’s encephalitis/pneumonia medical care/hospital bills

This is 8-year-old, Rianna Jewelle Orillo-Bacud. She has been confined at Makati Medical Center, Philippines for more than nine months now.

Rianna is ready for discharge anytime based on the clearance given by her doctors and can continue her medications and rehabilitation at home. Unfortunately, Makati Medical Center won’t allow her discharge unless we pay our outstanding balance of PhP 3,793,457.72 million pesos.

Rianna has been diagnosed with Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis secondary to Mycoplasma last October 17, 2015. Compared before, she can now sit (with support), slowly regaining her consciousness, she’s crying and laughing, which she didn’t show before and she’s really showing good progress.

I am earnestly seeking for your help in my capacity as her aunt, hoping you can help us in our present financial obligations.

My sister has the full custody of my niece, but her freelance work/part-time business is not enough to cover all the hospital/medical expenses, even with our combined financial support. She’s out of work now and we have to shell out to pay for the child’s other necessities like diaper, milk, vitamins, and other related expenses to lessen the hospital bills.

I am begging for your compassion to help us whatever amount. We appreciate if you can deposit at the bank or via Western Union. Here are the details:

  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Savings Account Number 0099189053 – Mylene Orillo (Aunt)
  • BDO Account No. 007500031464 – Julie Anna Orillo (Mother)

Your donations will serve as funds for her hospital bills and medications. Please send me a direct message for details.

Thank you in advance and May God bless you more.


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