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Life hacks for busy moms

It’s not easy to be a mom juggling a full-time job with family life.  Both entail multiple tasks and big responsibilities.

When my sisters and I were younger, my mother solely ran our household because my father worked overseas in Saudi Arabia for almost 12 years.

But despite having three kids, my mom continued her day job and still managed to attend our school activities.   How did she do it? Let me share some of her tips and tricks:

  • Set your priorities. Family should always be your number one priority, but you must value your job as well, especially if it’s your source of income. Working as an accountant, my mom really has strict work values. She doesn’t put off things for tomorrow what she can do today. She’d show up at work every day, finish her tasks on or before the deadline, and work fast and efficient so she’d have time to attend our Parent-Teachers’ Association meetings or school performances.
  • Employ help. Asking for help doesn’t diminish your role as a parent, it even reinforces it. Employ help when needed to assist in cooking meals, washing the kids’ school uniforms, cleaning the house, and looking out for them during the day while you’re at work.
  • Plan weekly meals. My mom’s Sundays are devoted to church and market. She’d spend the entire day preparing our meals for the week. If weekly meal planning is not possible, try three-day meal planning or whichever is more convenient and easier for you. 
  • Teach your kids how to be responsible. Teach your kids to be responsible even by just letting them do the household chores. In time, I realized how important it was that kids knew how to wash the dishes or clothes, clean their own rooms, cook food, run errands, make a choice, or just do things for themselves. Someday, they will have to decide and do things on their own anyway and they’ll have to thank you for teaching them that at an early age.
  • Send your kids to a driving school. You have to trust your kids on this one because trust builds their confidence. My mom didn’t know how to drive, so when I was 17, she sent me to a driving school so if I had to go somewhere, I could just drive on my own. In return, I had to drive or fetch her at work, or whenever she wanted to go (as if I had a choice!)
  • Dine out or order food. Most mothers prefer home-cooked meals for a reason – they’re cheaper and healthier. But if you’re pressed for time, especially if you’re too busy to cook, traffic’s bad, and have to work late, dining out or ordering in food isn’t really bad. It saves time, it’s more convenient and practical, too.
  • Limit your social media Everybody’s hooked on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Viber that it’s taking so much of their time. Limiting your social media use to once or twice a day can be very difficult, but it’ll help you focus more on the task at hand and concentrate on your relationships on a more personal level rather than virtual.

Busy mothers pride themselves on mastering the art of multitasking, but it has its share of advantages and disadvantages.

While multitasking can stimulate creativity, keep us from boredom, and even inspire, it can be reflective of diminished focus and may result in poor quality of work.  But with the tips and tricks above, multitasking can help you save time and effort.

How you parent is a personal choice, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Keep in mind that a few seconds, minutes, or hours of saved time can be well-spent with your kid/s, husband, or yourself, and those are precious moments we can never get back.


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