The Color of Love

There’s something about interracial marriages or couples that fascinates us. The first few questions always go like: “How did the two of you meet? Where?” and “What’s it like to have a foreigner husband/wife?”

According to history, thousands of interracial marriages between Americans and Filipinos have taken place since after the Spanish-American War. Although such is becoming a trend these days, we can’t help other people frown upon the idea. Some are still sceptical and scared to embrace a different, culture, values, and upbringing.

Web defines interracial marriage as “a marriage occurring between two people of differing racial groups, often creating multiracial children.” 

How these two couple met, how they braved the challenges of having different culture, values, and upbringing and surviving long-distance relationship only prove that love knows no distance and color.

Finding love online 

Net-net Prejula-Gooditis, a licensed dentist, sought greener pasture in the United States of America in 1999. She met her American husband through an online dating site called eHarmony when she was already there. 


“Mike and I have been in a relationship for one and a half year. He proposed in a cruise line on May 2009. We circled around New York City, had dinner and party after,” said Net-net, a Filipina, whose husband, Mike is half Polish and Hungarian.

Net-net revealed that they became friends first before they fell in love. She described her husband as someone who is easy to get along with and a food lover, especially Pinoy dishes.

Net-net admitted that it’s not easy to marry a foreigner. In their case, there was a lot of adjustment and up to now, they are still in a period of adjustment, especially when it comes to how they were raised.

“Language is not a barrier. We understand each other. We both have the same values. But right now, I’m telling him more about my upbringing. We are different on this but we are trying to understand each other and still working on this,” said Net-net.

But despite the ups and downs in their marriage, Net-net said that the best part of being married to foreigner is having a good-looking son.


“Every time I look at my seven-year-old son, Zacch, I still can’t believe he came out from me. He doesn’t look like me at all. Right now, I know in my heart [that] I have found the right person, because he [Mike] really adores Filipinas and sometimes it seems like I’m dealing with a Filipino, too even if he’s blonde and he has blue eyes.”

Although as a kid, Net-net had always wanted to have a blonde and blue-eyed child, she did not see herself marrying a foreigner until she came to the US and told herself, she wanted a foreigner with a good heart, nice personality who loves Filipina, and have never dated a Filipina.

On her advice to Filipinas who wanted to marry a foreigner, “Make sure the person loves Filipinos. He knows the culture and our food, and what kind of life and values we have in the Philippines. With those, you can bring the person home to our country without a doubt,” said Net-net.

When it comes to looking for a husband through chatting, Net-net said you have to go for it.

“It’s not hard to find the right person as long as you know what you’re looking for. Follow your instinct. Trust your judgement. Make sure you know the person 99 percent by chatting, but it’s better to see each other most of the time rather that [just] chatting.”

Originally published at Zen Health magazine August – October 2013 with minor edits.


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