7 Things I Miss About My Childhood

Heavy rains caused by severe tropical rain Gorio poured continuously for days last week. To avoid getting stranded, I took the bus. While sitting by the window blankly staring at the merging traffic and flooded streets, thoughts of my childhood and how I should’ve texted my supervisor I couldn’t come to work that day hit me.

The younger me would be absent from her class even without the official suspension and tell my teacher all roads leading to school were flooded. But the older me opted to go to work because I have so much to do, it’ll pile up the next day, blah, blah, and yes I am workaholic.

For kids, heavy rains automatically mean “No Classes!” with or without official announcement. But for working people like me, it’s no work, no pay or you have to file a leave. While I don’t want to be a child again, I just get this feeling of missing my childhood sometimes, especially during those moments.

So allow me to list down seven things I miss about my childhood to remind me of how life was so much fun, simpler, and easier when we were kids when all we thought about was growing old:

  1. No classes. Who doesn’t love it? When there’s a storm, we are all hoping, wishing, and praying for our Municipal Mayor or school administrator to announce “No Classes” soon! And when it was finally announced, we’d go cheering on top of our lungs, “Walang pasok! Walang pasok!” (No classes! No classes!) 
  2. Meeting childhood friends. Don’t you just miss your childhood friends? Those friends we grew up with – who’ve seen our worst, our faces without make-up, our oily and pimpled faces, how skinny we were, our cry baby moments, or how fun, pikon, or competitive we were at games. Those friends we went biking with looking for our crushes around the village, those friends we’d talk for hours and hours talking about our dreams and future, and/or those friends our mom would allow us to see even when we’re grounded or had curfews.
  3. Playing ‘real’ games. How about playing ‘real’ games? And when I say ‘real’ games, those games where we  interact with real people and not with our computer/iPad/tablet games. We’d go running outside of our houses to see our friends and play under the heat of the sun or pouring rain. We’d run, hide, scream, and race for our lives all day and night. Who misses playing the very popular patintero, piko, Chinese garter, my all-time favorite siyato, hide-and-seek, tamaang tao, badminton, and volleyball? Yes, I played them all. I was very active and competitive in my childhood that’s why I was so skinny. 

    Patintero (Image by Pinterest.com)
  4. Asking baon (money) from my parents. I miss those days when I would ask money from my parents to go school, to buy food or stuffs. When I try to negotiate an increase, they would retaliate by telling me how expensive my tuition was. Asking for my baon, however stopped when I started receiving my own paycheck, so if I don’t get my ass off to work, I won’t have any money to spend at all.
  5. Worrying about petty things. I used to think my crush ignoring me, my friends not sitting with me, not being pretty/sexy enough, and having a curly hair or oily face were already big deals when I was a kid. Now I realized how petty they were to what I worry about now as an adult — traffic, work, kids, taxes, food, and many other things that are too many to mention.  
  6. Being young and skinny. Who doesn’t miss their younger and skinny self? I miss my younger, skinny, active, and (little) adventurous self. Back then, I can eat one to two cups of rice without worrying about getting fat or having diabetes. I can run/bike all day under the sun without putting sunscreens. Looking at my old photos, I can’t help asking myself why in the world did I ever think I was too fat then? 
  7. Enjoying summer vacations. Don’t you just miss summer vacations? And summer meant swimming, out of towns, and biking the whole day. Now I thank my mom for not allowing me to work during summers because she wanted me and my sisters to enjoy our vacations. She said we’ll have more time to work in the future, and she was right! Now I look forward to summers not for vacations, but because no classes for students, traffic’s lighter, I can wear lesser clothing, and of course, a little time to hit the beach!

As the bus reached my stop, I was quickly reminded of two things:

  1. Life passes by so quickly. Sadly, my happy childhood will only become part of my memory so I must enjoy and treasure life at whatever stage I am in because it’ll never come back.
  2. They say one of the luckiest things that can happen in your life is to have a happy childhood. And I’m so blessed that my childhood is the most beautiful of my life’s seasons. Well, I have to thank God and my wonderful parents for that!

How about you? What do you miss about your childhood? Please feel free to share in the comments below.



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