Pregnancy in your 30s

‘The happy medium-age for motherhood’

Having a baby was not part of Jiji and Karl’s immediate plans after marriage. They wanted to enjoy each other’s company and save before having a baby first so it was only after three years of marriage when they finally decided to have a baby.

Jiji, 35, used to work as an administration supervisor/travel desk coordinator in a private company; while Karl works as an IT Specialist. While she admitted she didn’t have a hard time conceiving a baby at the age of 30, as she was already 31 years old that time, she experienced skin allergies and morning sickness during her first trimester of pregnancy like other pregnant women do.

She also craved galunggong (big-bellied round scad), burger steak, water melon, and fried spring rolls; and was sensitive to perfumes, seeing certain people, and was easily irritated by their voices and comments.

An article by ABC News said that “By age 30, peak fertility has already dropped by 30 percent, and women in this age group are less likely to become pregnant right away.”

Baby Center website also said that there’s a risk of miscarriage and Down syndrome and they rise slowly, but steadily as women age, as do genetic abnormalities become more of a concern.

While many consider 30 as the “happy medium age for motherhood” as the couple or the mother is more apt to be secure in her career and relationship at this age, every study and expert say 35 is the age of reckoning for women.

“A woman needs to get serious if she wants to have children – especially if she wants more than one,” said the article, to which Jiji also agreed to: “Start thinking about having kids as early as you can while you’re still young and healthy so you can still take care of your baby. And when you finally have a baby, especially if it’s your first time, there are many ways how to take care of your baby, you can ask your doctor, other moms so you can get more tip and do the research over the internet.”

Baby Center advised women who want to get pregnant to prepare themselves for pregnancy.

“If you’re under 35 and have had frequent (about two or three times a week) unprotected sex for a year without becoming pregnant, then it’s probably time to consult a fertility expert. If you’re 35 or over, you should see a specialist if you have had frequent unprotected sex for six months and are still not pregnant.”

The article added that if you know of any specific reasons you may have trouble getting pregnant, such as a history of irregular or missed periods, sexually transmitted diseases or pelvic pain, or your partner has sexual or erectile dysfunction, you may want to see an expert even sooner.

“A baby is a blessing. A gift from heaven above, a precious little angle to cherish and to love.”

But if you’re over 30 and still have no baby, don’t fret, don’t worry, don’t give up, even miracles take a little time. Just keep the faith.


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