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The truth about heart diseases, stroke

In the past, stroke and heart attacks were associated with elderly people. So, individuals in their 20s and 30s thought stroke and heart attacks won’t affect them, thinking that they were young. And if they eat the right foods and were not sedentary, they… Continue Reading “The truth about heart diseases, stroke”

Rianna’s encephalitis/pneumonia medical care/hospital bills

This is 8-year-old, Rianna Jewelle Orillo-Bacud. She has been confined at Makati Medical Center, Philippines for more than nine months now. Rianna is ready for discharge anytime based on the clearance given by her doctors and can continue her medications and rehabilitation at home.… Continue Reading “Rianna’s encephalitis/pneumonia medical care/hospital bills”

Beyond the Skin

Painful, disfiguring and disabling, psoriasis has adversely impacted the lives of many patients, including wives left by their husbands. The social stigma is just a facet of its extensive physical, psychological and socio-economic burden. But hope is coming