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Getting through life’s disability

Cristeta Estrada, a 53-year-old high school teacher with psoriatic arthritis, cannot help but get frustrated every time she lines up in grocery stores or fast food chains for hours, and notice people ahead of her looking pretty healthy, normal and “stronger than Hercules.”  … Continue Reading “Getting through life’s disability”

7 Famous Celebrities with Psoriasis

Yes, celebrities get them too! In 2014, psoriasis was recognized for the first time as a serious non-communicable disease (NCD) at the World Health Assembly. All Member States recognized that incorrect or delayed diagnosis, inadequate treatment options, and insufficient access to care causing needless… Continue Reading “7 Famous Celebrities with Psoriasis”

Beyond the Skin

Painful, disfiguring and disabling, psoriasis has adversely impacted the lives of many patients, including wives left by their husbands. The social stigma is just a facet of its extensive physical, psychological and socio-economic burden. But hope is coming